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Our Goals.....
Our short term goals:
 To help the animals of Clewiston Animal Shelter by continuing our transport and networking efforts.  We will continue to accept donations of food, supplies and monies for the immediate needs of the animals of the shelter in order to adopt out or place as many animals as possible in rescues and safe, forever homes.  Medical supplies, shelter supplies, food, litter, and other items are always needed and accepted at the shelter or by local volunteers.  Any items not used by the shelter are donated to people in need of caring for their animals through Community Outreach Days, or Rescues pulling animals from the shelter.  
Our long term goals...
 To vaccinate animals that arrive at the shelter, to create a low cost spay/neuter program available to the community and for the animals of the shelter, to continue community outreach so that we may raise awareness and help put an end to the abuse and neglect the animals are enduring in the area, and to help with heartworm and medical treatment so that the animals of the shelter are more adoptable.  
These goals are achievable with the continuing help of volunteers and the public.  We thank each and every person and organization who helps in every way to create a better future for not just the animals of this shelter and area, but for all animals.  
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