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The story of Moose...the inspiration behind this all...
We know very little about Moose...only that he entered Clewiston Animal Control, (a small rural kill shelter in the middle of Florida), in July of 2015, seemingly having been abandoned.  He was skinny, smelly, and had an amazing spirit that touched everyone through photos and personal contact.  

A group of dedicated volunteers networked Moose through photos and social media, hoping to find the big skinny boy a home, or a rescue where he would be safe.  On July 21, Moose was adopted! A friend of the adopters even started  "#teammoose" in support.  After his vetting, Moose was off to live in Naples FL with his new family. He was huge,  skinny at 100 lbs, heart worm positive, and estimated to be somewhere between 5 and 8 years old.  

Within a week the medical issues started. On July 25, he was taken to the ER hospital with a bleeding area close to the neuter site, (but in no way related to the surgery).  This was cauterized and he was sent home.  All seemed well, but then on August 5 he was taken to the vet again, and was treated for ear infections in both ears. 
 Two days later he was worse, and once again returned to the vet.  He was treated again for what was seemingly chronic ear issues, and as he improved throughout the day, and blood tests revealed no significant concerns,  he was taken home.  On Saturday, August 8, he was once again worse.  This time the local vet referred him to the specialty hospital, as now there was a concern that there was a more serious underlying issue.  As his mom sat and spoke to the vet, it was clear that Moose was deteriorating rapidly and he was ready to pass.  Moose was humanely euthanized that afternoon.

​The neglect that Moose had suffered throughout his life was evident on and in his body, the years of lack of care had taken their toll. But his spirit was incredible, Moose loved everyone he met! 

  The death of Moose left a huge hole in many hearts...he epitomized the neglected, abused cases that come through a small rural shelter, many of which never make it out the front door. In finding a home, Moose's story gave hope to the volunteers, rescuers, donators, networkers and more who fight every day to help these animals. In losing him, there was an overwhelming sadness in not being able to do enough in time. This rescue has been built to help all the "Moose's" that come through Clewiston Animal Shelter....This isn't just about Moose himself, it's about them all....

But, we will never forget you, Moose, and one day we will meet again....but until then, your time here meant means a better future for others.

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